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Cool redhaired lady with tatoos cycling

Bucharest Bike Fest 2015

Photography is NOT about your Camera or your Lens

Everything is about gear nowadays. We see a great picture and we ask “hey, what camera and lens did you use?”. I do it as well. I think to myself, if only I had that new camera from Sony, Fuji, Nikon, Canon that just came out, I would take so much better pictures. I know I’m wrong but I still do it because I’m a tech nerd. I love technology of every shape or form.

If only I had that Zeiss or Leica lens I would shoot so many great pictures, I would get so many followers on Instagram and my blog audience would grow exponentially. But that’s just silly because I started photography because I loved (and still do) to capture memories of my day to day life and revisit them from time to time.

Your phone takes good enough pictures for about 90% of the people in most situations and you have your phone with you all the time so there’s no excuse for not taking pictures.

Photography is about TIME TRAVEL

Because when you look at old photos of people and places it’s like you have just invented your own personal time machine. All of a sudden you’re transported to the seaside and feel the warm sun gently caressing your face while the cool breeze makes you shrug a little. You hear the waves hitting the beach, you feel the warm sand beneath your feet and your friends chatting, smiling, splashing in the water. You feel young and happy and careless and free!

Or all of a sudden you’re transported to a mountain top and everything around you is white and blue there are mountain peaks in the distance covered with snow and forests of white. And the wind is blowing so cold and hard as if it was alive and with every breath you take you fell how small and insignificant you are compared to nature’s might and strength.

Photography is food for the soul

Your soul will never need a personal Chef named Zeiss or Leica, or whatever other camera brand name you’re craving for, to take great pictures. Sure there is such a thing as a technically perfect photo but your soul will choose a perfect photo not by the camera or lens or the settings with witch the photo was taken with but with the emotion behind the photo, the feeling you had in that unique moment in time. The fear, the love the admiration, the nostalgia, the color, the past, the warmth, the cold.

Photography is about being in the moment

Photography will make you see the world in a new LIGHT. Probably because for the first time in your life you will start to appreciate light and what it can do for your photos. You will start to notice light, shadows, colors, contrast and see the world as never before.

Take whatever camera you have and feed your passion for being in the moment and capturing those precious moments in your life because that’s what photography is about.

What is your photography about?

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