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Old man profile with hat beard and glasses black and white

Great photo! I shot from the hip, cropped a lot, out of focus black and white, bad composition, building falling over and the comment I got was: “Great photo!”. In reality this is a really bad photo with great feedback.

Giving and taking feedback are very difficult subjects. But getting constructive feedback is the most important development tool in any profession or art form.

Friends and family will always like your work will not tell how bad you messed up. If you want real feedback ask a professional whom which you have no family or friendship connection. You may be amazed to find out your so called “great photos” are really just ordinary and unimpressive.

Your ego may suffer a little but your photography will improve exponentially. Give it a try!

This is the constructive feedback I have for my photo above.

Subject is out of focus.

I understand missing focus, it happens to the best but Everything out of focus?!. You have to have something in focus. Give your audience something nice to look otherwise all you’ll give them is blurry vision and a sense of dizzies. Photography should make you feel good and not dizzy!

Violating the rule of space.

What is the subject looking at? The subject is clearly facing and heading in the left direction. Instead leaving space in the left side of the photo, there’s too much empty space at the back of the subject where there is no interest.

Black and white

Just because you converted a photo to black and white does NOT make it more interesting or good.


Flare can be a nice creative tool when used correctly but what is the point here? There’s a weird flare coming in from the right side corner of the photo which has no purpose.

Architecture and falling over buildings

Wide angle lenses distort reality and make buildings look like they’re falling over. This can be an interesting effect if that’s what you’re going for. However in this picture the building behind the subject looks like it can topple over at any moment. It just looks dangerous and gives a sense of anxiety. Fix it!

What else do you see wrong about this picture?

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