Adapting Vintage Lenses to Modern Cameras part 1/3


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SMC Pentax 28mm 2.8 on Olympus M4/3

SMC Pentax 28mm 2.8 on Olympus M4/3

This is trendy and very cool nowadays due to the popularity of mirrorless cameras among enthusiasts and prosumers. I for one didn’t see the point in adapting vintage lenses to my modern cameras, I mean why would you go through all that trouble to lose autofocus and image quality, lose metadata info on aperture number and buy adapters, what there to gain?

Here’s some things you should know before and/or after you decide to adapt a vintage lens to your modern camera. Continue reading


The World Doesn’t Need More Professional Photographers


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dalai lama planet need

So it seems nowadays it has become very fashionable to become a professional photographer. It’s easy enough isn’t it? You just get a good camera, set it on Auto, travel the world for free, point and shoot and get paid a lot money for easy work. Continue reading

Free Google Nik Collection Video Courses


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free nik collection courses

If you’re not up to speed yet, Google made the Nik Collection software free, which we covered here.

If you downloaded the free Nik Collection Suite or were thinking about it, here more great news, this time from  Tim Grey who announced that he will now give away all his video courses related to the Nik Collection for free as well! Continue reading


10 Step Guide to Stunning Reflection Photography


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click to enlarge; Timisoara 2014

Yep I don’t know why but I’m fascinated with reflections in general. By reflections I mean a mirrored duplication of an object that appears almost identical, but is reversed in the direction perpendicular to the reflective surface, or at least that’s what the dictionary says.

1) Best places to take reflections photos

Look for water. A river or a lake are your safest bets. You should be able to find one or the other near or around where you live. Do a quick Google search to see what the nearest lake or river is to you. If you’re lucky you might have a lake or river or even both situated within the city limits.

Good, you’ve found it, now the real fun begins. Continue reading

Photography and Life are About Color


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Old boat with paddles on Herastrau Lake

Click To Enlarge: Old boat with paddles on Herastrau Lake 2015

When I first started photography I didn’t pay much attention to colors. I was snapping away at things I found to be interesting and wanted grab a slice of time and make a nice memory out it and that’s fine, I enjoyed it, I loved it but it wasn’t enough. Continue reading

Google’s $150 Nik Collection of Photo Editing Software is Now FREE


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free Nik Collection downloadIf you like black and white photography and black and white photo editing, you’re going to love this: Google announced that it’s making its Nik Collection of desktop photo editing software 100% free.

The entire collection is now free to download starting today, March 24th, 2016.  If you spent money buying the collection anytime this year, you’ll get a full refund of your purchase price (it’ll be automatically issued soon). Amazing right? Continue reading

10 Most Frustrating Situations For An Enthusiast Photographer


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Grafitti of Big blue eyead cute creatures cuddling

If photography is sometimes frustrating, hang in there, it gets better! Random street art

1. Nice photo, I bet you have a great camera!

You spent hours shooting, choosing your best shot, another of couple of hours editing and choosing the best edit and once you post your photo online people start complimenting your camera specs instead of you! Don’t you just love it when that happens?

2. No sun during the weekend!

You’ve been slaving away at work Monday through Friday and can’t wait for the weekend to go out and shoot and when the weekend comes, it’s either rainy, cold, very cloudy or my favorite, all of the above.

You’re at work with a lot of tasks on your action list, you look outside the window and the weather is just perfect for photos. Oh the irony! Continue reading

THIS is How To Do Amazing Flower Photography


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Everyone loves flowers and everyone loves photographing them but this 1 hour tutorial showcases a lot of incredible techniques that will take your photography to the next level and teach you how to do do amazing flower photography.

Topics covered in this Flower Macro Photography tutorial: Continue reading