The Positano Photo Tax


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Positano photography tax

Positano is famous for its views so if you’re planning a photography trip there you’d better be prepared because the famous village has just introduced a €1,000 (~$1,162) “tax” for commercial photography. Continue reading


To Print Or Not To Print


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I read this article here today and what really stuck with me was the fact that good photos should be edited and printed so that they may live on for many, many years to come. Continue reading

Experimenting with Virtual Studio Photography


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We all would probably like to experiment studio photography using different light, amplifiers, multiple lights combinations and settings along with gels and modifiers (mods). Continue reading

10 Best Photography Channels on YouTube


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Probably the best photography channels on YouTube:

Tony & Chelsea NorthrupHusband and wife, Chelsea and Tony are probably the nicest and most decent photography couple on YouTube. Chelsea covers the more artistic side and Tony does a great job at covering all the technical aspects of everything photography related. This is Must see channel, you’ll love the content and the presenters.

Continue reading

Kai Wong from Digitalrev has a New Photography Youtube Channel


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We all know that unfortunately Kai Man Wong, Digitalrev TV star, left Hong Kong to live in his home country, UK. I say unfortunately because while he was in Hong Kong the Digitalrev show was probably the best photography show on Youtube. Continue reading

DON’T Follow Your Passion?



I saw this video here and I thought I’d share my point of view on the subject. This advice comes from a guy who belongs to a different generation and to a certain degree he has a point, his arguments make sense BUT. Continue reading

The SMC Takumar 50mm F1.4 lens is Very Sharp But it Has a Dirty SECRET


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SMC Takumar 50mm F/1.4

SMC Takumar 50mm F/1.4

I recently saw a good deal on the Takumar 50mm F/1.4 and I was thinking whether or not I should get it. So I did some research online and this is what I found.

The orange tint of the front element’s coating, as it can be seen  in the above photo, is an indicator of the lens’ properties and all other lenses sharing this dirty little secret will have it as well. Can you guess what it is? Continue reading

SMC Pentax-M 28mm F/2.8 Review


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SMC Pentax 28mm F/2.8 on Olympus E-PM2

Shot with SMC Pentax 28mm F/2.8 on Olympus E-PM2

What does SMC Pentax even mean?

The SMC stands for Super Multi Coating which is basically a chemical coating which scientists developed to combat the undesirable effects of light refraction effects. This means that you’ll get considerably less ghosting and flaring if you point this lens directly at the sun. Continue reading

Want To Get Rid of G.A.S? Use This TRICK


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Olympus E-PM2, Fotga PK-M4/3 adapter, Pentax 28mm F/2.8

Olympus E-PM2, Fotga PK-M4/3 adapter, Pentax 28mm F/2.8

I have a confession to make, I suffer from G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). I don’t want to spend a lot of money on new lenses so I look towards older, vintage, manual lenses, which are cheap and fun to use but don’t offer the same image quality as modern lenses. Gotta catch’em all!

So I thought to myself today, why not buy a new lens, it’s cheap, so why not? Continue reading

Adapting Vintage Lenses to Modern Cameras part 3/3


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SMC Pentax 28mm 2.8 with Olumpus M4/3

7. Don’t start with a Leica lens.

Sure you’ll be tempted because of the trend on Instagram and other photography websites but not everybody needs a Leica and it’s too expensive anyway. If you’re filthy rich or your parents can’t seem to stop throwing money at you, sure why not 🙂 Continue reading