Ok so, I had my initial thoughts about Reprisal here. It looked promising but this is the full Season 1 review. To clear-up some of the things I said in my first impressions, it’s got nothing to do with the Watchmen universe and it’s far away from becoming an equal to Kill Bill, the only resemblance being the revenge theme.Conclusion: it is just ok but not great. Yes, it has great visuals but the story and feels choppy especially towards the end. There is all this build up for a revenge story but the ending feels simple, too simple.

It’s not bad but I would say it’s a must watch, far from it. Abigail Spencer did pretty good in the lead role and sometimes it seems like she’s carrying the show but again the story seems…disconnected.

What is interesting and worth analyzing about the story is that it seems to depict violence like an underlying motif. Violence breeds violence, which leads to war, which inevitably leads to death. Some enjoy violence and inflicting pain but are not great at it, some are great at inflicting pain but hate themselves every day for that and don’t enjoy it at all.

At some point I thought there was too much gratuitous violence for entertainment purposes but I believe the point is that violence has a huge impact on a human life and can and will transform a non violent person into a bloodthirsty individual, creating even more violence and perpetuating the violence in hearts and souls of the new generations.

To sum up, give it a try see if you’re into to but keep your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed.

How about you, did you watch it yet, what did you think?

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