Work is hard, stressful and time consuming whatever you do, whether it’s homework, studying or your chosen profession/ job but it’s going to be twice as hard or even more-so if you don’t like and are good at what you do.This by no way means you should do your homework or work hard at your job just because you don’t like it or you’re not in the mood, but sometimes thinking you like or might like something does not make you good at it.

There’s a reason why not all of us are brain surgeons or rocket scientist and thank God for that!

1) Time

It’s going to take you a lot more time to learn and actually do something you don’t like or enjoy than doing something you you like and are good at.

A skill is something you practice and is learned with time, if you don’t like doing something and you’re not good at it you’re not going to want to invest the time to do it, which leads to lack or insufficient skill and an unsatisfying end result.

2) Energy

When doing something you don’t enjoy and are not good at, you are like to spend a lot more energy than someone who enjoy, which on the long run might make you feel frustrated or less successful.

3) Sacrifice

In order to achieve greatness in any field, you will have to sacrifice some if not all of  the following: time, energy, money, relationships, enjoying life, hobbies, friends, music, friends, food, holidays, fun, games, relaxation and so on, you get the idea. This is a burden which will take its toll eventually but it will be even harder to carry and justify if you don’t like what you do and don’t get the results you wanted or expected.

4) The snowball effect

Liking and being good at something is like the snowball effect, your skills, abilities and confidence get bigger, better and stronger exponentially faster. Now imagine

5) Swimming against the current

Need I say more on this topic? I didn’t think so.

As always, there’s a caveat. Life is not binary, there’s not always only one single, perfect recipe for living it or for a successful career, so if you have the time and resources to work harder and longer than anyone else to achieve your goals even if you don’t enjoy the process itself and are not really good at it but feel an internal urge or drive to go against all odds, at the end of the day, it’s your life, your choice!

I’m curios to know, do you like swimming against the current?

Until next time, thanks for reading and have a good one!