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So if you’re passionate about photography and cameras you probably have a list of your favorite photography/ videography oriented YouTube channels.

If you’re searching for a different kind of flavor Camera Conspiracies is a great new camera/ photography channel which is mainly comedy oriented about a guy in search for the perfect camera for videography.

What’s different from all other photography channels?

Camera gear photography/ videography channels are filled with very serious and professional reviews, which is great because you want to be as informed as possible but Camera Conspiracies is actual comedy, you’re guaranteed to laugh, relax and who knows, have a better day.

It’s camera gear stand-up comedy and it’s good and fresh and different and fun. Check out this fun Canadian guy on YouTube at Camera Conspiracies, tell him Seabornen sent you :).

Here a clip of the Camera Conspiracies Sony A7 III review:

As always, thank you reading and have a great day!