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So we deal with an incredible amount of information influx daily. There’s social media like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube which lead the battle for your attention and each every one have their algorithms or AI trying to keep you as much as possible glued to their platform and the noise to actual relevant information is huge.

So if you want to stay creative and relevant your original ideas are what separate you from the noise. Even if you’re disciplined we tend to live busy lives and ideas are hard to come up with and very easy to forget.

Ideas need to be written down, it sounds very intuitive, I know, but try to remember when was the last time you had a great idea either for your photography or for your writing but forgot it a day or two later and now you feel regret because you didn’t take the time to write it down.

You have your pen and paper, you have your smartphone, laptop or PC so there is no actual reason for not writing your ideas for your next project down.

So instead of feeling regret, take out your smartphone and write it down in your Notes app or whatever medium you like but write it down.

Great ideas and even good ideas are like gold or diamonds, they’re sought-after, valuable and beautiful because they are unique or very rare so preserve your ideas, don’t let them fade away, write them down.

How do you preserver your ideas? Do you write them down? What’s your process?

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