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Reaching your goal may be a very long journey so along the way you may find yourself tired or losing focus. Here’s a few tips to keep your mind focused even if you might lose concentration along the way.

1) Learn to love the process not the end goal.

The end goal is not your final destination, life will be long the process is what you have to love. Love the work the reading, the writing, the running, creating, saving people, being a contribution to the world.

2) Take a break.

Taking a break is not weakness it’s a necessary part of your process so that your brain and body can rest and recover. Don’t over train don’t overwork yourself; maintain balance and focus through breaks

3) Make a list, complete every item.

A list will help you stay organized and give your brain more wavelength to concentrate on small task one at a time. Checking/ completing an item will give you confidence to keep going. The more items you complete the better and more confident you will feel.

4) Eat well and exercise

In order to keep working on your goal, remember to watch your diet and exercise your body.

5) Stay disciplined at all time

Stick to your schedule, don’t be lazy, wake up early don’t complain and find solutions.

6) Life is not ideal, be flexible

Stay focused even if everything doesn’t go exactly as planned. Life is random and complicated. Maintain your discipline and keep going

7) Breathe in deeply

Call it breathing, meditation, yoga, running whatever works for you, take a minute to breathe in deeply.

How do you maintain focus on your goals? I’m sure there a several other ways to concentrate and maintain focus on completing your goal, let me know in the comments below. Thanks!