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DigitalRev TV used to be the number one YouTube photography channel until Kai Wong left and started his own channel but it seems it’s making a comeback.

The DRTV team went through several changes, a few people came and went, including Lok Cheung who was in charge of filming and editing. The number of views on the DigitalRev channel dropped drastically, as the once beloved hosts were now working on their own endeavors. One of the most popular series on the DigitalRev channel was “Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenge” were a well know professional photographer was give the challenge of shooting a theme with only a very old, very cheap camera, usually a toy with very bad resolution and auto settings. The point was to show the audience that the camera is only a tool and that was really matters is the photographer. It’s fun to see a seasoned pro shoot with a very bad camera but what was really inspiring was that every time the pro photog created great photos no matter the limitations that the extremely cheap camera imposed. I thought that after Kai and Lok left, the DigitalRev TV YouTube channel would slowly decrease in audience and eventually die off. I didn’t want that to happen but it was a logical possibility. Fun fact: did you know that “Cheap Camera Challenge” is a registered trademark of DigitalRev. In addition, the format of Cheap Camera Challenge is protected by international copyright laws. Written permission must be obtained for using name or format that is same or similar to Cheap Camera Challenge.

DigitalRev TV (DRTV) is Not Dead, it seems to be Making a Comeback

So today, for old times sake I thought I would check if there was any new content on DRTV. I didn’t have much hope but I was curious, I was hoping for something good and I was rooting for them to succeed. I saw that was a new episode of the “Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenge”

I think this episode was as good if not just a little bit better than the past episodes. The professional photographer in this episode is Feng Yu. She shoots for Esquire, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, she’s well know in China and you can find her on Instagram here. Feng Yu takes the portrait of a Zen Master Nun, the head of China’s only Zen Buddhist nunnery, a famous bicycle repair man who now owns a pet shop and Beijing’s drag queens. She never complains about the camera and its limitations, has a positive, constructive attitude, a great way of interacting with her subjects and is completely immersed in her work once she starts taking photos. A great photographer and a very nice person. The pictures speak for them selves. The episode was great, it shows a fresh prospective on photography by having a pro take photos with a very cheap camera I have to congratulate the DRTV team on this great comeback great job! Keep up the great work guys, I for one hope to see more videos shot on the streets oh Hong Kong, I think that’s part of what made DRTV so successful in past. If you’re an old time fan of DRTV or even if you’re new to the concept and show I encourage you to check them out they seem to be making a comeback.