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Pentax 28mm F/2.8

I love watching photography videos on YouTube. It’s relaxing, informative and very enjoyable. Now bear with me here, I’m all for learning through videos and finding out new photography techniques and ideas however that won’t help your photography.

Photography is not about watching other people taking photos and editing them, although becoming better at editing helps, photography is about actually going out with your camera and taking pictures. Good pictures, bad pictures, it doesn’t matter if have to put in the work.

You wouldn’t expect to become a martial arts expert by reading a book about that one evening, would you. It’s the same with photography, you need practice, time and perseverance.

I’m not saying you should stop watching photography videos, I’m saying go out more shoot more pictures, use your camera and lenses, shoot what you like and do it often.

That’s it for today, go out, take more pictures and enjoy your time doing it!