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Positano photography tax

Positano is famous for its views so if you’re planning a photography trip there you’d better be prepared because the famous village has just introduced a €1,000 (~$1,162) “tax” for commercial photography.

The Times reports that Positano mayor Michele De Lucia has announced the €1,000 permit fee for commercial photos as well as a €2,000 (~$2,300) fee for commercial videos.

The new photo permit law was passed by the town City Council and will take effect in mid-November 2017, according to La Repubblica.

The good news is that if you’re a tourist you can still grab a a snapshot of the beautiful Positano sites however, if you are using a DSLR and a tripod you may have a hard time explaining that you’re not a commercial shooter which might br troublesome for many enthusiast photographers.

While the idea of a tax for commercial use may seem understandable, enforcing it might create a big disadvantage for an enthusiast with a “big” DSLR camera but it all depends how strongly photography in Positano will be monitored.

(via Petapixel via The Times via Amateur Photographer)

Image credits: Photo by JeCCo.