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I read this article here today and what really stuck with me was the fact that good photos should be edited and printed so that they may live on for many, many years to come.


“Only prints will survive after you are gone,” Thoshinsky says. “No one is going to open up your external hard drive in 2116 and convert your RAWS and make images. Not going to happen. No more so than anyone printing my 150 pounds of film negatives.”p1010053

Probably millions of photos are taken daily and many of them shared on social media but when it comes to printing maybe just a few reach that stage. I for one don’t have any printed copies of my images.


The reason why is I always think it’s going to cost too much and I’ll need to store the prints somewhere safe but at the same time I am really curios to see how the prints would look like.

So my New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to print at least some of my best pictures.

How about you, do you print your photos?

P.S. This year has gone by so fast I can’t even believe this is the 31st December. So to all of you readers out there, I wish you a happy new year and may your photos be awesome!