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We all would probably like to experiment studio photography using different light, amplifiers, multiple lights combinations and settings along with gels and modifiers (mods).

The problem with all that is that you’d need a studio space, very expensive lighting equipment and models. So experimenting with Studio photography can be very expensive and challenging logistically.

Lucky for us photography nerds there are virtual studio photography apps that can help us plan or experiment with different light setups without spending a ton of money on equipment.

Tony Northrup has made this great video about virtual studio photography software, explaining how the software works and the advantages and disadvantages of a virtual studio.

Tony shows us how to use 2 virtual studio apps to learn studio photography or to plan a portrait, fashion, or glamor photo shoot:
* Virtual Lighting Studio (free, no install): http://sdp.io/vls
* Set.a.Light 3D (free trial, $40, Windows/Mac): http://sdp.io/sal NOTE: this app is NSFW, some of the models are nude.

It might take months or years to learn studio lighting and you’d need to invest a lot of money on lights, studio space and models so the software allows you to play around virtually to decide if Studio Photography is something you’d like to get into to or if you already like studio photography it will help you a lot to plan your next shot without spending hours moving lights around in your studio or hiring a model.