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Probably the best photography channels on YouTube:

Tony & Chelsea NorthrupHusband and wife, Chelsea and Tony are probably the nicest and most decent photography couple on YouTube. Chelsea covers the more artistic side and Tony does a great job at covering all the technical aspects of everything photography related. This is Must see channel, you’ll love the content and the presenters.

DigitalRev TV – I used to love this channel and thought it was the best in the whole world. It’s not anymore. However if you haven’t checked it out before you should definitely take a look at the older shows, 2015 and back. It was a superb channel when Kai Man Wong was in Hong Kong and roamed the streets of that beautiful city.

Adorama – Great videos on how to different types of photography

B and H – Learning tips and tons of presentations and lectures on photography, definately a great resource when you want to learn

TheCameraStoreTV – Canada’s most famous photography channel, fun, upbeat and refreshingly honest gear reviews

Jared Polin – You know the Fro guy, a good photographer and an even better business and marketing. The coolest thing about this channel is that Jared if truthfully, honestly and directly answers business related questions in his RawTalk episodes.

Matt Granger – an acquired taste maybe but definitely worth a look

The Art of Photography – Ted Forbes has dedicated his life to photography and art. A lot of great film photography tips and tricks and an awesome The Artist Series. This channel is like good old wine, sip it and enjoy the different flavors.

Theoria Apophasis – At a first glance, just another crazy guy on YouTube, however The Angry Photographer is a smart very knowledgeable photographer and a Nikon guru. Name a Nikon lens, any lens and this guy has 3 of them. Also he recently got hooked into Fujifilm gear. If you shoot Nikon of Fuji, you will find the information very useful. I must warn you though he tends to go off topic most of the time but he provides tons of useful info.

Matt Day – Cool decent guy, you’ll enjoy this channel if you like old cameras and vintage lenses and film photography

Which are your favorite photography channels on YouTube?