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We all know that unfortunately Kai Man Wong, Digitalrev TV star, left Hong Kong to live in his home country, UK. I say unfortunately because while he was in Hong Kong the Digitalrev show was probably the best photography show on Youtube.

Kai WongThe good news is that Kai Man Wong now has his own personal Youtube channel featuring fun behind the scenes moments from the videos he makes for Digitalrev.

I watched the first video and I remembered the good old days when the show was funny and easy going, filled with probably what you would call inappropriate jokes, some good old English humor and honest, real world, camera equipment review.

Ok I might be biased as I loved the show (filmed in Hong Kong with Kai in Hong Kong) because I got to see the HK streets, the people, markets and cityscape but I really think it was better back then, watching it was street photography heaven. Yes being out on the streets and taking actual photos is better but it’s not every day you get to see and experience the streets of Hong Kong through the eyes of an Asian looking nerdy funny guy with a real English accent, him being from the UK and all.

What’s really interesting in this first video is that Kai’s being very honest about how much of a pain it is to shoot a $56K Alpa Phase One camera. He does admit that he probably needed more time to get used to the camera but still…

Kai W’s new Youtube channel seems very promising and I’m very much looking forward to new videos. Well done Kai and best of luck to you mate!


As of 24 November 2016 Kai Wong has left DigitalRev and is now completely on how own:


As of 2nd December 2016 Lok Cheung has also left DigitalRev and is on how own as well. Lok’s Youtube channel: