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So it seems nowadays it has become very fashionable to become a professional photographer. It’s easy enough isn’t it? You just get a good camera, set it on Auto, travel the world for free, point and shoot and get paid a lot money for easy work.

The world is full of professional photographers so if you decide photography will be your life long career be sure you love it and are good at it.

Don’t post photos online just because you crave loads of likes. Don’t get me wrong I feel into this “like” trap as well posting images just to see how many likes I could get but I find it more meaningful to take photos of what I like and post the photos I enjoy not strenuously search for the picture that will get the most likes.

Don’t become a professional photographer because you think it’s cool and easy and get to travel the world, become a professional because you love photography and are good at it.

Professional photography is hard work and can be quite frustrating especially when dealing with extremely demanding clients and short deadlines.

You don’t have to become a professional to enjoy photography and taking photos. Photography might be even more fun and rewarding if you do it just for fun and your own personal enjoyment.

Don’t think you’re a great photographer just because you got a “great photo” comment. “Like” other people’s photos because you really enjoy them not because you expect to receive a “like” in return.

Don’t be afraid to become just an Enthusiast Photographer, there’s no shame in that, there’s no pressure only fun. Shoot whatever subject you like, landscapes, trees, cats, puddles don’t shoot whatever is cool on Instagram.

Shoot whatever makes you happy even if you’ll get no likes, develop your own style, the only important “like” is your own!