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Grafitti of Big blue eyead cute creatures cuddling

If photography is sometimes frustrating, hang in there, it gets better! Random street art

1. Nice photo, I bet you have a great camera!

You spent hours shooting, choosing your best shot, another of couple of hours editing and choosing the best edit and once you post your photo online people start complimenting your camera specs instead of you! Don’t you just love it when that happens?

2. No sun during the weekend!

You’ve been slaving away at work Monday through Friday and can’t wait for the weekend to go out and shoot and when the weekend comes, it’s either rainy, cold, very cloudy or my favorite, all of the above.

You’re at work with a lot of tasks on your action list, you look outside the window and the weather is just perfect for photos. Oh the irony!

3. Sony just released a new camera!

After months of research you just bought the newest camera model from Sony last month and you’re already outdated. You’d sell your camera and buy the new one but you’re afraid Sony just might release a newer model in a couple of months πŸ™‚

4. Primes vs zooms

Everybody on the Internet says primes are better than zooms so you spend all your money on just one fast prime lens, probably a wide fast prime and now you realize you should have bought a wide zoom and a telephoto zoom instead of owning just one focal length.

Sometimes flexibility is way better than one focal length.

5. Can’t delete bad photos because you’re too attached to them!

You take hundreds of pictures on a photo walk, come home, browse through them and choose one or two max that are really good. You know you have tens of bad ones which you are most certain you’re never going to use but can’t allow yourself to delete them. There’s no logical reason, they utterly stink but you’ve become attached to them so you rationalize keeping them by saying maybe one day you’ll become a Photoshop master and turn all you bad photos into post processing masterpieces.

Sometimes you have to learn to let go!

6. You’ve got G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

You’re and enthusiast, you love photography but don’t have enough time to take pictures. Instead you spend your free time research all the cameras and lenses on the market; remembering their specifications, buying all kinds of vintage lenses off ebay which you’re never going to use because their image quality is probably worse than your kit lens.

Β 7. Too many options, too small a budget

There are so many camera manufacturers out there to choose from and after months of sleepless night you decide which ecosystem you’re going to invest in (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, Pentax) but even so you realize your budget can only accommodate and entry level camera with a kit a lens.

8. You forgot to shoot RAW

You’ve just had the most productive 8 hour photo walk during the weekend, the weather was perfect the location was great, you know you got a few great photos and can barely wait to get home, edit (to make them even more awesome) and post them online.

You get home, stick the SD card into your computer only to find out not only that you forgot to shoot RAW but for some reason all your photos are SMALL Jpegs!

9. You messed up the ISO bad!

You enjoy a great sunny day out with your trusty camera right beside you making great memories getting great shots all day long but when you come home and take a look at the pictures on the computer you realize all your photos have been shot at ISO 1600 or higher because you forgot to change it after shooting night scenes the day before! Check your settings much?

10. I feel as if I’m forgetting something…oh well

You hurry out of the house being very eager for a nice day out to catch up on your photography. You have that funny feeling as if you’re forgetting something so you do a quick checklist in your head: keys-check, wallet-check, phone-check, camera-check; all good, let;s go then.

You get to where you want to be, get your camera out, find the right angle, frame the perfect shot only to realize as you’re pressing the shutter what it was that you had forgotten. Your camera battery is still at home, plugged in the wall socket, in the charger where you last left it after your prior shoot. Or maybe your SD card is still in the computer after downloading the last photo session. Good job brain!

Any of these things happen to you? Any other frustrating stories about photography you have to share?

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