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how film is made

You hardcore film photography lovers out there will love this. Yes, film photography is all the rage these days but do you know how it is made?

Don’t get me wrong, I still think film photography is a pain but the process of making the actual film can be quite captivating.

Spoiler alert!! Cow skins and silver are involved! I bet you film loving vegetarians out will think twice next time you’re buying that new fancy roll of film. Or maybe not, you’re not going to eat the film are you? Hope not. 🙂

But all jokes aside, the process is much more complicated then I initially thought which made me have a more appreciative demeanor towards film as a tool and towards the process of shooting film. Also it makes sense why film prices keep increasing.

This fascinating 1958 documentary titled “How film is made”, that documents the production process and birth of photographic and cinematic film, was initially uncovered as part of a heritage in the Netherlands. Although its exact source and purpose are as of yet still unknown, it may have been an instructional film for new employees at Kodak’s factories world wide, and was probably used as a promotional film for the general public as well.

Do you like shooting film instead of digital? Why?

image credit: filmrescue