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lonely pinetree growing out of stone quarry

Pine tree growing out of a stone quarry wall – Alba county, Romania

I noticed that instead of writing my own photo stories and sharing my own pictures on this blog I tend do share other people’s videos and extract quotes, describe what the videos were about and share my impressions on other people’s work and thinking to myself hey I “created” a new post.

In reality I didn’t create anything. Anyone can offer opinions or comment on other people’s work. Sure the videos or news I share either interest me or inspire me and think might do the same for my readers but still that’s not creating.

So you’re an aspiring blogger or creative but all you do all day long is blog about and share other people’s work. At the end of the day you have created a reportage and don’t get me wrong, that’s great, if that is your goal. By the way, if you like photography, you should check out petapixel, it’s probably the best photography news website out there.

At the end of the day my goal is that I create something that leaves people in awe and appreciative of my photography skills. I like writing but I love photography and ultimately that’s what I want to improve and that’s what I want to see, admire and hopefully some day other people will be writing about me describing and commenting my photography.

Create something, train your brain to write something new and original, photograph something in an original way or perspective or create a video in your own original way, draw or paint your heart out. Write about yourself and your projects, there are enough news websites out there that will tell the world about your work if it’s good enough.

Stop being a follower, re-poster, a reporter and start being CREATIVE! CREATE your own unique world, be your own original self. The world has enough followers, be a CREATOR!