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sunset in bran romania orange sky and fog

Sunset in Bran, Romania

I’m a lucky man. I had to study a lot, I had to work a lot a from a very young age, but I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to be able to study and the opportunity of finding a good job/ jobs. It wasn’t easy, every step required action, work, patience, time and many times it felt exhausting and sometimes it still does.

For those moments in university, work or life in general when all felt exhausting I had photography. It was an escape and it still is to some degree. Capturing a moment in time felt like I was taking something back from life. In that moment the stress and the worries dissipated, my thoughts stopped and all I felt was admiration and bliss.

I’ve been trying for some time to justify me owning a full frame camera. I can’t find any logical reason to be honest. I don’t really need it in a professional sense, I’m just an enthusiast but it makes me happy and gives me joy every time I pick it up. Now, I’ve never been one to put much value on material possessions, I’ve bought what I needed and avoided excesses so maybe that’s one of the reasons I have mixed feelings.

I don’t know whether or not I’m going to downgrade my camera or not but I know one thing for sure, I decided I’m not going to feel guilty anymore, I’m going to feel lucky and grateful every time I pick it up.