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When the weather is too bad to go out and take photos, like today is for me, it’s a great opportunity for taking some time to learn from other photographers and their experiences, their images and their tips.

In this 58 minute video photographer Steve Simon discusses the tools and thought processes needed to capture unique street imagery. What I enjoyed in this presentation is the fact that Steve not only talks about his pictures or portfolio but also shows quite of few other famous pictures of other famous street photographers.

Steve Simon quotes:

“Color can be very difficult on the street and you know I often find myself desaturating more so than saturating…”

“I never edit in the field”

“We’re all aging, you don’t see it, but the camera does”

“Good color is hard to do”

“Shoot shoot shoot, you can always edit later” – Josef Koudelka

“I don’t like shooting from the hip but that can be fun, cause it’s magic when you get something good”

I’ve also highlighted some of  Steve Simon’s tips for taking better street photos:

1) Use back button focusing
2) Use Auto ISO and set maximum ISO to 3200 even if you can go higher
3) Use a maxim shutter speed of 1/400 in order to get a sharp image.
4) Use Aperture Priority – Wide open (widest aperture e.g. F/1.8, F/2, F/4)
5) Use matrix metering
6) Turn image review off so you don’t get distracted
7) Use a single point to focus