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This discussion usually stirs up the pot but Photographer Matt Granger still takes a wack at it. Matt is well known as a Nikon DLSR user his main camera of choice being the Nikon D810 but recently he has received a bunch of mirrorless camera gear for testing from Sony.

According to Matt there are 3 main issues to take into consideration in this debate.

1) Photogs are already divided: film, digital, portraits, commercial, flash, natural light. Should be buying equipment dependent on your photography style.

2) People become in love or develop a certain attachment with their gear when investing in a certain system, which is normal but should not be a relevant argument.

3) Mirrorless is a trade off. Yes, I know, this affirmation will make some people go mad crazy but check some of the below reasons out. Every feature of mirrorless is tempered with a “but”:

  • lighter but battery less effective, cameras battery hungry
  • You can adapt lenses but the camera will become bigger, less balanced which negates the whole point of mirrorless being smaller and more portable
  • Electronic EVF vs OVF. Yea I’m staying away from this but I will say this: I would love to see a DSLR with a hybrid viewfinder, just like the Fuji X100 series. 
  • Mirrorless has great focus in good light but cannot compare to DSLR focus in low light.
  • Native mirroless lenses are much more expensive and there’s a very limited range of lenses to choose from for full frame mirrorless

In conclusion this draws down to what you need or like. Weight vs image quality, size vs practicality, being cool vs doing what you really like.

Although Matt acts like a mediator in this video and brings up a lot of good points, the mirroless vs DSLR discussion will still ra(n)ge on for years to come.

Got to hand it to Matt though, he promotes his new foody channel World’s best Seafood at the end of this video which is sure to provoke a lot of controversy.

What camera system do you think is best Mirrorless or DSLR?