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Chelsea and Tony take us on a tour of their studio, showcasing they’re setup and gear. They mainly use a Canon 5DS R with a Canon 70-200 F2.8 L IS. Wanna guess what their backup camera is? It’s the Canon 5D mark III, how’s that for a backup?

Check out the cool the main camera is setup up: ball head, side arm and a heavy duty tripod (Manfrotto 475 B). The tripod is so big and heavy, it uses a crank center column to raise it up or lowering it.

You’ll notice that Tony mentions that most of the gear is bought used and what we really appreciate is the fact that Tony and Chelsea manage to combine the practicality of buying used gear with choosing the more quality reliable and long term performance gear. Yes they do have expensive gear, however most of it is bought used, thus saving a lot of money short term and long term as well.