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If you haven’t visited Bucharest (Romania) yet, I warmly recommend it. It’s a great city break destination if you like traveling or photography and the food, drinks and accommodations are very cheap.

There are very few timelapse videos of Bucharest on YouTube and in my opinion this one, made by photographer Eduard Gutescu, might just be one of the best and complex. The timelapse managed to capture the general mood of this big city, the Rush, throughout several locations. If you live in Bucharest or had the opportunity to visit it for several days you will know that the Rush is part of the daily routine.

It is a pity though that he does not list his website nor any kind of contact details with the video as I would have really wanted to give credit where it was due.

If you know the creator of the above video, Eduard Gutescu, or know of him, help us find him by leaving a comment bellow so we can give this guy the credit he deserves.