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Film had, has and will continue to have a certain patina and mood which is quite hard (not impossible) to recreate with digital cameras.

If you’re a film camera enthusiast and/ or a Nikon fanboy or girl, Ted Forbes from TheArtOfPhotography has prepared a great review of the Nikon F5.

“Nikon F5 was placed on the market October 1996 with the catchword of ” The new standard in
professional photography”, at 325,000 yen (consumption tax excluded) for the body. It was the flagship single-lens reflex (SLR) camera marking the fifth of the “single-digit F-series models” developed since the Nikon F was launched in 1959 based on the basic philosophy, to offer more improved systems and basic functions, in addition to a camera robust enough for professional use. It had been eight years after the release of the predecessor Nikon F4 in 1988. ” via nikon.com    

The average price of a used Nikon F5 is around $500 on ebay. A brand new one can be around $1000 and up.