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So you bought your new Sony A7R II or any other Sony FE (full frame mirrorless) and are looking for a fast premium 35mm lens, you are in luck because portrait photographer Matt Granger has released this video to help you out: Sony Distagon T* FE 35mm f1.4 Vs ZEISS f1.4

FYI Although they are similar specked and similar priced, the Sony branded one has autofocus, while the Zeiss has manual focus only.

Sony Carl Zeiss Distagon T* FE 35mm F/1.4 ZA Full Frame E-mount NEX Camera Lens – USD 1,598
Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 Distagon T* ZF.2 Manual Focus Lens for Nikon F Bayonet SLR System – USD 1,543

Though choice if you ask me but it all depends on your photography style and type of photography you will use this glass on and of course if you are a fan of manual focusing or if you need autofocus or not.

via Matt Granger