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Winston Churchill said: If you’re going through hell keep
going. And it makes sense, if you’re going through hardship, taking no action will not make things any better.

You can’t just stop and expect things to change on their own. Life’s a race; you have to keep running even though some people will try to trip you over, some people will push and shove others will overtake you easily. If you fall, and you will fall, be sure to get up and keep going.

Some people already won the race before you got started some people will cheat their way to the finish line. It doesn’t matter, you still have do run, you still have do your race. You’ll have to run, know on some doors, talk to some people, work for some people, love some people, and hate some people.

You will trip and fall, some doors will never open, you will get some doors shut in your face, some people will love you others will hate you.

Whether you like running or not, whether you will run or not, the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening, life will pass you by.

Life’s a race, so run your race as best you can, enjoy it and do your best to win it.

Rodney Atkins – If You’re Going Through Hell video