The master or primary bed room is the most important bed room of the whole house. All the things from the harmony of the home to the finances of the home can be influenced by the
master bedroom.

There are 4 main elements you need to think about about it. What shape is the bed room? The place is the bed? What area of the house is it in? What’s used for ornament? These all play a pivotal role in the stream of energy within the house.

The form of the bed room is essential in feng shui. An oblong or square room is the best. If your bed room is oddly shaped, you need to use a room divider to assist it keep a extra rectangular shape.

The mattress should not face a door or protruding edge of any kind. These are each symbols of damaging vitality and could be unimaginable to right without moving the bed.

You also needs to keep away from having any overhead beams above the bed or home windows behind the headboard. Mirrors going through the bed also negatively affect the Chi of the

The ideal place for the master bedroom is in the Northwest of the house. This may not all the time be attainable however and the following best choice is the Southwest. These two areas characterize the Patriarch and Matriarch respectably.

Decorations are important but you do not want to overdo it. Depending on what your targets are, you possibly can configure and energize the bed room for romance, marriage, or relationships. It’s best to keep away from energizing the bed room for luck in wealth.