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I would have never gone to the cinema to watch a silent black and white movie, but as you all might know by now, we do exceptional things in the name of love.

Yes I’m talking about The Artist, the silent black and white movie that won 5 Oscars. It started out slow but it captivated me after a few minutes. The actors performed at a higher level with impeccable mimic and body language. I was hooked and I didn’t even realize it.

The story, the soundtrack and the performance of the actors were in perfect sink, unraveling scene after scene in perfect harmony. It describes the world as it was in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s but it felt so real, so modern.

When it was over it left a dumb smile on my face, i was pleasantly amazed and surprised at the same time of how many feelings and emotions a silent black and white movie could express. The feeling was similar to the one you have when you finish reading a good book coupled with the feeling you get after you see a great movie that you never expected to be so good.

In an era where 3D technology is at its peak, a silent black and white movie literally silences all modern special effects and takes it all.

Here’s the official trailer of The Artist

What did you think about The Artist, the movie?

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