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Have you read book lately?

Probably not, you’re too busy updating you’re Facebook status, tweeting the latest gossip, watching the latest news about accidents, crime, hate and war.Either that or reading some stupid blog that has nothing to say but posting pictures.

Have you ever watched a youtube video and found yourself after 2 hours still on youtube, still watching some dumb video? (I did)

Done any sports lately?

Probably not, you’re running around with your friends in a massive multiplayer online game somewhere trying to give your life meaning by doing in-game achievements.

The Internet has so much more potential than social media, games or pr0n but you never seem to have the time to use it for something useful. Games and fun are essential to a human being’s happiness but when all you do is fun and games you’re living in a dream world and you may never wake up.

Wake up and smell the roses people, you don’t have Internet, THE INTERNET HAS YOU! So let me ask you this: how many hours a day do you spend do useless things on the Internet?