The definition of the Internet troll here.

Everything is trolling nowadays. It is the 21st century’s delight to troll and watch other people troll.

Is trolling bad? 
I’ve got nothing against a good laugh but when your life consists in trolling or watching other people troll and admiring them you might have a problem. From my point of view trolls are a kind of cyber bullies and like real life bullies they prey on human weakness.

Trolling is not bad but the fact that Trolling is becoming an international Olympic sport, may create side effects including but not limited to: dumbness, lack of culture, cultural and intellectual involution. I underline the fact that when I’m saying this I am referring to the excessive practice of trolling.

Is trolling good?
Trolling has been out there since the beginning of time. Some cultures often believed their gods were the equivalent of today’s troll in terms of creating discord. Trolling is and I’m quite sure it will continue to be a great childhood game.

Trolling does have some comedic accents to it’s original core so it’s bound to put a smile on your face if you know what’s going on,  as trolling preys and feeds on stupidity or lack of knowledge.

Trolling sells
I’ve seen great bloggers turn into troll because that’s what people like to read or watch or listen to. Great truth and the description of facts and news are altered in such a way that they create controversy and discord just to get more views or comments.

What I find troublesome about this, is the fact that because of the constant trolling, or manipulation of facts, the core of the information or the main idea of a post, becomes a subsidiary and people just feed on the controversy and discord instead of the fact being reported.

Isn’t trolling just good old journalism?
It is indeed an art to captivate your readers with your story telling skills but when your idea of captivating the public is discord, then you are not a writer, just a mere, simple, egotistic creature preying on simple emotions.

Let’s not let the troll be the cyber king but make the troll take its rightful place as a mere jester or buffoon. Let the Truth be king of cyberspace!

So tell me, do you enjoy trolling?