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Today I’m starting a new series featuring evolution. Which kind of evolution? I’ll have to figure that out yourselves.

I think one of the purposes of man kind is evolution and you can see that by the natural order of things, you are born your body keeps growing, your mind keeps learning thus evolving through different stages and so on.

So let’s talk a bit about TRUTH. (a small introduction)

Kind of an abstract notion I must admit but let’s try to change our perspective for bit. I think truth is like a 2 edged blade. One edge can strike down your opponent rendering him speechless or paralyzed by opening deep wounds and the other edge can heal both the wielder of truth and all the other people around the wielder.

You can’t handle the truth!

We’re all familiar with the expression “Truth hurts“. But is it really the truth that hurts or is it a self inflicting pain of people faced with the naked truth? Take a moment and think about that. Well I think modern day society has leaned away so far from telling the truth that the majority of people cannot handle hearing truth or can’t distinguish between what’s real or fake.

Can truth set you free?

I think the majority of day be day issues that arise in people interacting is due to pour communication skills, more precisely fear of telling the truth or avoiding telling the truth

Imagine if everybody all over the world spoke only the truth and noting but the truth. Would there be reason for wars, would there be reason for violence or hate? I think not. But then again what do i know.

Can you tell the truth for 24 hours straight?