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Everyone knows about this guy’s recent stunts.

He got fired or he quit The two and a half men show, over 1 million followers on Twitter in 24 hours, tiger blood and drug abuse scandals, crazy cooking shows.

If you looks at his face you can see a troubled man but I think there’s more beyond that. I suspect he’s a marketing genius. He’s got the world’s attention and not a day passes without some news about Charlie Sheen.

Not sure what new project or movies he’s got planned but if this guy launches a movie or TV series right now he would make millions with the media coverage he’s got.

Of course it could be that he’s going through a midlife crisis and he’s gonna snap at any moment. Would be a shame though, he’s a remarkable actor. Whatever it is, he’s got a winning recipe going on and the social media at his feet.

So let’s watch watch one of Charlie Sheen’s new videos: Charlie Sheen’s winning recipes.

So what do you think, is Charlie Sheen crazy junkie or a marketing genius?


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