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I’ve covered some things about the notion if giving up here, but i felt there was more to be said.

Whoever invented giving up was obviously a genius and a slacker. I’m not talking about war or violence here, i’m talking about day to day activities, jobs, responsibilities, hopes, dreams or relationships

Using only three words you can abandon life long efforts, hopes and dreams in just a second. Not only is it time effective but it also gives you a reason too feel good about yourself when you tell your friends the story of you giving up: “It was too hard, I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed a change.”

Is giving-up a good thing?
First of all try not to think of it as good or bad. But yes, I think sometimes it can have the most wonderful results. Sometimes people just fight for an idea, a hope or a dream just because that’s all they know how to do. Not because they like it, not because they love it, just because it’s what they do and they don’t even remember why the started on that path in the first place.

So yes sometimes giving up is the only way to move forward.

Is giving-up a bad thing?
If your hopes and dreams motivate and inspire you, if you think your actions are what’s right for you and your life, don’t give-up! Fight every day from dusk till dawn until you reach your limits but don’t give up! Sometimes all that fighting might not lead to your desired result but in the end you’ll be more powerful than ever. 

There are many kinds of warriors but some never give up, never surrender! 

So tell me, why do you give-up?