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I never thought about this guy as inspiring although I thought he was pretty cool as an actor. Not a good actor mind you but a very cool one.

But today I stumbled upon a great video. And my first reaction was: naaa i’m not going to watch this, nothing he ca say can be remotely relevant to me, he’s just a dumb muscleman.

Still, I hit play and for the first time, i found powerful inspiration in his words.Yes, the story is about body building, which is generally considered trivial, but the concept is all about inspiration, motivation and will power.

What really amazed me is that a man who was all about building muscle found the focus and will power to achieve his goal in more than one aspect of his life, may that be body building, acting or his political career.

I was reminded yet again to be more humble, to stop judging and labeling people.

This man needs no introduction, just keep an open mind and play this video.

So what puts you over the top?

I saw the video for the first time here
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