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Reading this article here and being scolded by a dear friend about my recent lack or “real” articles I decided to write this.

Those of you out there wanting to make a contribution to the world and the society will at some point, sooner or later, be faced with a gigantic moral dilemma: you cannot save them all.

Now let’s be clear here, I am not talking about saving someone’s soul. I’m talking about the contribution you make to society may that be planting a tree, giving some spare change to a beggar, calling the ambulance for a homeless person crashed on the ground or saving someone’s life on the operating table or empowering people with inspiration and motivation.

However you choose to make your contribution there will come a time when your offer will be rejected.

Yes you heard me wright, some people will deny you helping them whether it’s medical assistance or a kind advice.

When faced with people refusing your help/contribution you’ll first feel powerless because you could not help. The powerless feeling will rapidly transform into frustration, because you cannot logically understand why a person in need would deny help.

And finally frustration will become hate. Hate towards the act of making a contribution, hate towards ungrateful people, hate towards people in general ’cause “they’re all ungrateful sobs”.

This is how a hater is born, well at least one of the processes.

You can easily avoid this painful process just by being self-aware of your mental reactions. When faced with the impossibility of making a contribution just acknowledge the fact that you cannot save them all and have the power to respect someone else’s wishes, we’re all responsible for our own happiness.

So next time you fail at helping, become stronger instead of becoming a hater!

Helped someone lately have you?

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