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Who is Justin Bieber?

I asked a friend of mine and his answer was: A guy everyone is hating. So I ask why and replies: I don’t know they just do.

This guy is just a teenage Canadian singer, but he’s famous worldwide. His singing is ok but he’s not that great so I have to ask: How did he become so famous over night?

Good looks? Well he’s a teen boy with feminine features. Is that the teen icon for teens nowadays?
Great voice? When I first listened to his music I thought it was a girl playing. Still he just hit puberty so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

From what I understand Justin Bieber is just another Disney project to conquer the world of entertainment. And they are succeeding. Guess anyone can become a huge star over night when you have a multibillion dollar corporation supporting you.

I don’t hate him, i just hope he doesn’t end up like Britney Spears at 20, divorced, bold, with a baby and depressed. This is me hoping the Justin Bieber project grown up into a fine adult.

Why do you hate Justin Bieber? 

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