You’ll be surprised to find out a lot of people are thought by their parents and close friends what they “can’t do”. It happened to me too, I was raised with the phrase: “you’re not good enough” and yes it took it’s toll.

Think it’s why I became fascinated with personal development. Ever since I went to the University and got rid of my parents and their influence I’ve been constantly trying to improve myself, my social intelligence and my emotional intelligence(EQ).

A conclusion of my studies in the science of how people think and relate to one another would be that the most important step in personal development is believing in yourself and accepting what you are with your flaws and strong suits.

Maybe you’ll find this funny but i think emotional intelligence is the most important aspect in a human being’s life, much more important than IQ. So EQ > IQ. Unless you like being really smart and hated by everyone 🙂

So until next time, kindly take a moment and think about this: do you believe in yourself and your dreams?

If you still need inspiration and motivation, I’ll let Suzie McNeil and Canada’s National Arts Center Orchestra give you a boost.(Canada for the win!)

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