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The latest worldwide fashion is loosing yourself in music, art, blogging or photography.

Really? Are all of us artists?

Singing a line over and over and looping a beat to it does not make music!
Making a “look at this picture lol” post does not make you a blogger, but it may bring in traffic.
Taking a photo of the sky with your 5k $ camera does not make you a photographer!

Do not mistake hobbies with work or a career, hobbies are just a pass time. They will not make you rich, they will not make you famous, but they will ensure having fun. Your hobby is your work? This article is not for you!

Choose your life carefully, if you’re an artist, create lovely masterpieces and inspire the world! If you like maths and have a 5k$ camera, you’re either rich and spoiled or a really bad photographer.

Whatever you will choose in life, be it a hobby or a career, make it count, do your best and love it. Don’t do it because it’s cool or everyone of your friends is doing it, you’ll just end up more alone and unhappy.

Have the courage to choose what you love, like or enjoy doing, there is no right or wrong way, but once you chose, OWN IT!
You are the master of your fate:
You are the captain of your soul.

PS: it’s ok if you don’t like this article or agree with me, I’m not even a real blogger, I may not know what I’m talking about!