I wrote this back in 2005, I didn’t have a blog back then, it’s was me and a couple of friends posting some articles on a web-site. Don’t think that site exists anymore.

The reason I decided to post this here is that reading it now it made me smile, I was so different back then, thinking I knew everything about anything. And that’s very funny to me.

I now realize I only know i don’t know and back then I didn’t even know that :). Enjoy the reading.

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I was talking the other day with my ex girlfriend about people and hypocrisy. She kept telling me she hated hypocrites and that she wants to have nothing to do with this kind of people. I was kind of bored so I didn’t pay too much attention to what she was saying but her words made me think.

Is there some human being on this planet who or hasn’t been at least once in his life a hypocrite?

I mean excepting God and the saints and all…

Wanna know what I think: we’re all natural born hypocrites. At least once or twice a day you give a fake smile, a fake greeting, a fake gesture, some fake words and so on…

The question of morality comes into one’s mind when dealing with the hypocrisy subject. I’ve heard a lot of people especially girls saying they hate hypocrites. People seem to have a certain need for truth, a certain acute desire to be surrounded by truth in all relationships.

You know what I think: the truth is relative (for most people), so how can you satisfy all those people out there in search of they’re own little truth. You could become a hypocrite and thus a politician, senator or president or you could choose to satisfy your own truth, your own beliefs and thus live your life in anonymity.

Well these are two extreme examples but you get point…I hope 🙂 And now, to conclude, ‘cause I’m sure you’ve other things to do, ( now, see that was hypocrisy ‘cause every writer wants his public to read his work and he doesn’t really care about what others got to do); and now, to really wrap this up, I think we’re natural born hypocrites, created so that our thoughts remain hidden from all others, giving everyone a special corner of privacy, a special corner of truth or a special corner of lie.

So…until next time, goodbye all you hypocrites out there and don’t forget…try to ”keep it real”! 🙂