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Whether it’s exams, work, business or pleasure I think we all have hopes and fears. They are normal human emotions when faced with a future fact or even a present one.

Don’t get me wrong, these emotions have their very well constructed purpose but left uncontrolled they will become great weight you carry on your shoulders.

Hopes make your heart and mind restless giving constant struggle.
Fear freezes your thoughts like a grounded frozen leaf, making you unable to move towards your goals and purpose. 

Believe it or not hopes and fears can take away pleasure, make you fail exams, cause a lot of stress at work and when doing business.

“Do not hope and have no fear!”. Just act, just be, just do. Clear your mind, be one with your actions, be one with your choices and you will need no regrets!

A tribute to Mihai Eminescu – a genius Romanian poet

So tell me, what are your most common hopes and fears when starting on a new project in your daily life?