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Sooo the beautiful and mighty charisma…but is it for everybody?

I very much think so, all you have to understand is that charisma is a state of being just like a mood, like being happy or sad or joyful or playful.

The difficult part of charisma is the fact it’s a complex mood, a cocktail of states of being if you will.

So let’s start mixing.

Step 1: Smile, you can do it!
I think smile is the essence of charisma, its core. So practice smiling, if you’re a shy person and want to develop your social skills, start smiling more, don’t hide your face. If people look towards you, smile, it will brighten up the situation.

Step 2: Be confident or at least look confident
Your confidence will make people trust you, it will put people at ease and give them faith in your own abilities.

Step 3: Let go of your fear and clear your mind
Don’t think about what others may think about you, whether or not they’re judging, whether or not they’re gonna like you, just be, only concentrate on interacting with the person near you.You are not perfect, you will never be, even so you are a wonderful person. 

Step 4: Tell the truth, accept you may be wrong
People get a lot of bullsiht every day, be honest about your convictions, answer truthfully to their questions. Tell the truth but don’t hurt others with your words. Respectfully decline, respect other people’s opinions but be true to yourself and your own. No one likes a smart-ass, this is not a myth so accept you may be wrong sometimes.

Step 5: Inspire
This is the hardest part of it all because it means you’ve mastered all of the above. You may not know what to say to people to give them power or empower them but your attitude is more than enough for them to look up to you.

It’s not about being smart nor is it about being cool, if you smile, be confident, let go of your fear and clear your mind and tell the truth, you will be the person everyone looks up to.

There you have it so practice practice practice practice.
Get out there Enjoy the world !

I am not a trained professional and all of the above may just as well be some funny story I invented.