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“A lucid dream, in simplest terms, is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik van Eeden (1860–1932).
A lucid dream can begin in one of two ways. A dream-initiated lucid dream (DILD) starts as a normal dream, and the dreamer eventually concludes it is a dream, while a wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD) occurs when the dreamer goes from a normal waking state directly into a dream state, with no apparent lapse in consciousness.
Lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically, and its existence is well established” (Source)

For those who first hear about this, the concept is very similar to Inception. You are aware you are dreaming and thus can create the dream world as you see fit. Yo can fly, be invisible, teleport, be whoever you want to be, learn, train, love and everything else that pops into mind. 

The possibilities are limitless. Think about the the application of this technique.

You may think that’s easy but it’s actually quite hard to do. The hardest part being that you almost never realize you are actually dreaming and as you all know dream state seems to have a mind of its own.

Do you believe in lucid dreams? Have you ever had one? What did you create? What would you do or create if everything was possible?