Choice is one of the most effective empowerment tools out there.

Choice goes beyond decision, even though they are similar and easy to mistake for one another.

Choice is not about logic, choice is what you know deep down inside is right for you but there’s no logical explanation there’s not many words to explain it.

Choice is not bound by fear, anxiety, remorse, pity or other emotions like that. Choice has no logical answer, it comes natural, there’s no pro’s and con’s, it’s what you feel is right for you.

The biggest enemy of choice is fear, the chilly embrace that freezes the mind and body; it’s the thing that stops you from being whatever you choose to be in life, whether it’s a scholar or a slacker.

Choices are so hard to make because in the process, you not only battle yours fears, but also accept yourself and your thoughts as they are. Most people use decisions to guide their life, and then blame others for their unhappiness or lack of success or boredom or lack of love.

The beauty with choice is, the only one you can blame is yourself and believe it or not, this gives you strength even in failure. Stop blaming your parents, stop blaming your government, stop blaming others for your life.

Choose your life! Don’t let others choose it for you!

What do you choose?