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Today we’re going to the movies! Pass the popcorn please.

Everybody loves the movies, it’s a great time to be with friends or loved ones or even alone and just disconnect, forget your daily problems and issues and just watch the movie. That’s why you love the movies, you forget about everything and just enjoy the moment, enter that world and be whoever you want to.

Some people enjoy happiness and smiles and love comedy, some people like to live in fear and love horrors,   others like suffering and love drama and some live on the edge and love action. Of course we have the passionate ones who adore love-stories and dreamers who love science-fiction.

Believe it or not life’s like a movie, you choose which one you’re going for. You are the script writer and the director. You can write and direct the best life for you, but it’s gonna take some dedication and work.

So what kind of life/movie do you like and why?