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Hope you’ve all done your homework and know all about your fears, your demons and your other thoughts that make you want to take a step back. I hope you saw them well and acknowledged their existence. 

Step 2 – Building courage – final act

Fears – embrace them: go make a foul of yourself, go say hi to that girl or boy you like, take that risk, fight for what you think is right!

Demonsinstead of taking a step back, confront them, go find your bully confront him, go tell your boss you don’t like being yelled at; stop thinking about it, take a step forward towards your demon, take another step, start running towards it, it’s all in your head!

Other things – stop listening to them; stop listening to that voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough, stop finding excuses, start acting!

Start changing your life, only a foul does the same thing over and over again and expect to have a different result!

Is that it? Well if that didn’t depict the whole picture this movie will make any question useless.

The video was kindly linked to me by a great friend of mine: SFera – Thanks a bunch man!