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I got some positive feedback when I wrote When in doubt, be courageous! and a friend said ok ok but where do I get courage from? 

Well for some of you out there courage comes natural and there’s nothing more you love than confronting your fears but a lot of people need a little bit of training and practice before they master courage.

For those of you out there looking for courage you should know that this is like building a house. You start at the foundation and work your way to the top brick by brick.

So let’s get started on building that courage shall we. Today we start by laying down the foundation.

Step 1 – The foundation
In my opinion first thing you need to do is acknowledge your fears, your demons the things that stop you from achieving your goals.
You may start by writing down at least 3 of each down:

e.g. fears: fear of making a foul of yourself, fear of not being liked by other people, fear of abandonment
e.g. demons: yes you have demons, it’s that bully that stole your lunch in school, that teacher in high-school that kept telling you you aren’t going to succeed, that boss that kept yelling at you
e.g. other things like thoughts, conversations, money, beauty, success etc

Think about each of them what created them, who created them, know them as you know yourself.

Hope you do your homework for next time cause if you did we’re gonna take Step 2 – Building courage so stay tuned. Till then have a smile with Courage the cowardly dog, a great series that aired on Cartoon Network.