Take a break, smile!

Whether it’s studies, or work or a journey, we can always get lost along the way, walking an infinite path that leads nowhere.Take career for instance . Most people want one, most people want to be well known for their work, their progress and achievement at the place of work and make lots of money doing so. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Still, that passion, that drive to build a strong career starts somewhere in high-school, college, university or later on when you were free, with no responsibilities and when time was unlimited and used to pass so very slow.

Or maybe a significant event triggered the urge for a successful career, something that made you say: I’m gonna be so powerful in the future that nothing will ever make me feel so small, so helpless ever again.

Or you witnessed such a beautiful, inspiring event, that you decided you wanted to became that inspiration for others.

None of the triggers above are good, nor are they bad, they made you who you are today, they started the chemical reaction of your life. They way you choose to continue and end that reaction is totally up to you.

So whether you’re s work in a big corporate office pushing papers all day, weather you work in small office working hard to pay the bills, whether you’re an underpaid school teacher or weather you’re a manager or an assistant, try this when feel lost along the way: Remember to take a break, smile, watch the sky, call an old friend and remember about what started your reaction, why it all started.

What triggered your reaction?