Because it’s Monday again and we all need a good smile to start the week with I’m gonna talk about one of the most powerful and hard to achieve smiles out there.

It is that powerful and hard to achieve because it not only requires a facial expression, it requires some action on your part, the best action or reaction that you were capable of at that time.

Let’s take for a example a test at school, or an athletic event or your day to day job, you have the winning and you have the loosing or the defeat. Now anyone can handle winning because it’s clear that you were the best out there, there’s no doubt about it.

But how about defeat or loosing? How can one smile if he/she lost and someone else did better, someone else is being cheered and recognized for their actions.

Takes a great person to win and takes an even greater person to accept defeat. Takes an extraordinary person to smile when defeated.

The secret is simple, it all comes down to simple math: if you did your best and the other person won it means the other person was better. It’s the same as if you were born with 2 apples as your legacy and the other person was born with 3.

He clearly has more so jealousy, anger or frustration are pointless emotions here. You wanna do better? train more, train better, learn better, do more, do better!

So where’s my smile you’re gonna ask, you’re just making me work more on a Monday!

Today I’m not gonna tell you to smile, today it doesn’t work that way. Today I’m gonna tell you to do your best every day, be the best you can be whether you’re taking out the trash or whether you’re doing brain surgery. Do that and a smile will follow you anywhere anytime!