Sometimes life can be like a fishing trip.

You may have the best fishing equipment like carbon fiber poles and fancy hooks and bait but the guy next to you holding a bamboo pole catches all the fish and you go home empty handed.
What’s that guy’s secret? What am I doing wrong,  i got the best gear damn it! And so you get overwhelmed by disappointment, start getting all the wrong ideas like life’s not fair or fishing sucks. 
Well, when that happens just remember to smile, the guy next to you is probably fishing for a living and he’s not there to catch fish to brag about his catch to the palls at the office, his catch is his meal or his family’s meal. He wants it more than you do, he needs it more than you do (plus he’s there every day, he’s bound to know more about fishing in that place than you do).
Same thing happens in every day life, things will happen that won’t seem fair at the first glance. Remember then to smile, accept the fact that things won’t always go your way, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying your best each and every time!